Hongdae [홍대] · Yeonnam [연남]

백년커피 | 100 Year Coffee

I had actually walked by this place lots of times without paying attention to it, which is surprising because even just looking at it from the street you can see it’s super cool. As a person who doesn’t drink coffee beyond mochas, I don’t know anything about roasting or bean sources or whatever. If you…… Continue reading 백년커피 | 100 Year Coffee

Yeonhuidong [연희동] · Yeonnam [연남]

카페 비터스윗 | Cafe Bittersweet

This cafe is light & airy, hardly ever crowded, serves the best french fries (not usually the food I order at a cafe…), and is basically everything I want from a coffeeshop. It’s become my favorite place to study~ Honestly, I probably wouldn’t come here so often if it wasn’t so close to my neighborhood…… Continue reading 카페 비터스윗 | Cafe Bittersweet