Yeonnam [연남]

Flapjack Pantry | 플랩잭팬트리

This is it. I have discovered my favorite neighborhood brunch place. Already counting down the days till I can return~ The thing about brunch in Seoul, is it’s either straight up American-style breakfast or french toast with a side salad. Which isn’t bad, (I do love all my french-toast-and-salad cafes) but sometimes every weekend I…… Continue reading Flapjack Pantry | 플랩잭팬트리

Hongdae [홍대]

가정식밥집 미미 | Homemeal Mimi [Closed]

[Update Dec. 2017: Mimi closed :( Their instagram is still active & they might open a new place in the future.] I love eating home-cooked meals, but I am a mess and cannot organize a meal with more than one dish. Especially Korean style meals with 3+ side dishes and soups and whatnot. This is…… Continue reading 가정식밥집 미미 | Homemeal Mimi [Closed]

Yeonnam [연남]

양갱식당 | Yang-gaeng Sikdang

Simple, cheap Korean homestyle meals. They’ve got a daily special, so you can come often and still have variety. Eat alone without it being weird! Yang-gaeng is located on a fairly big road, but the place is small and easy to miss if you aren’t looking out for it. Don’t get distracted by the bigger…… Continue reading 양갱식당 | Yang-gaeng Sikdang