Yeonnam [연남]

Flapjack Pantry | 플랩잭팬트리

This is it. I have discovered my favorite neighborhood brunch place. Already counting down the days till I can return~ The thing about brunch in Seoul, is it’s either straight up American-style breakfast or french toast with a side salad. Which isn’t bad, (I do love all my french-toast-and-salad cafes) but sometimes every weekend I…… Continue reading Flapjack Pantry | 플랩잭팬트리

Daehangno [대학로]

카페 사흘 | Cafe Saheul (3 Days)

I really need to make some more brunch friends. Not that I really mind going out to eat brunch alone, but more people would mean getting to try more dishes~ Which would make going to cafes like this one even better. Cafe Saheul is located in the Daehak-ro area, a little ways from the busy…… Continue reading 카페 사흘 | Cafe Saheul (3 Days)

Hongdae [홍대] · Yeonnam [연남]

빵콤마 | Bread Comma

This cafe is hard to miss if you walk along Yeonnam park, just outside Hongdae Station exit 3. I’ve seen various events happening here and in the upstairs section (which I recently learned is a different business?), and it almost always seems full of people chatting and studying. There had never been open tables on…… Continue reading 빵콤마 | Bread Comma