Yeongdeungpo [영등포구]

Bob’s Bread | 밥 아저씨 빵

I love bread. Real bread. Flour, water, yeast, salt. I could eat an entire loaf of crusty, artisan bread in one sitting. This kind of bread is difficult to find in Korea, but luckily there is a place that makes real authentic sourdough! I heard about Bob’s Bread and knew I needed to go try…… Continue reading Bob’s Bread | 밥 아저씨 빵

Hongdae [홍대] · Yeonnam [연남]

빵콤마 | Bread Comma

This cafe is hard to miss if you walk along Yeonnam park, just outside Hongdae Station exit 3. I’ve seen various events happening here and in the upstairs section (which I recently learned is a different business?), and it almost always seems full of people chatting and studying. There had never been open tables on…… Continue reading 빵콤마 | Bread Comma

Blog Talk

스프링베이커리 | Spring Bakery

Bakeries are my favorite places! I love visiting them and hanging out in them and working in them and eating all the delicious things they create. This little bakery doesn’t have shelves & shelves of offerings, but what they do sell is delicious~ This whole street is filled with cute little restaurants & a few…… Continue reading 스프링베이커리 | Spring Bakery