Yeongdeungpo [영등포구]

Bob’s Bread | 밥 아저씨 빵

I love bread. Real bread. Flour, water, yeast, salt. I could eat an entire loaf of crusty, artisan bread in one sitting. This kind of bread is difficult to find in Korea, but luckily there is a place that makes real authentic sourdough! I heard about Bob’s Bread and knew I needed to go try…… Continue reading Bob’s Bread | 밥 아저씨 빵

Hongdae [홍대]

Old Croissant Factory | 올드크로와상팩토리

Croissants. Chocolate croissants. Cheese croissants. Sausage croissants. They make croissants here; and when they sell out, they close up shop. Since the shop opens at 1pm, people who have to work late might have a hard time getting their hands on a croissant from here. There wasn’t too much of a line when Roommate &…… Continue reading Old Croissant Factory | 올드크로와상팩토리

Blog Talk

스프링베이커리 | Spring Bakery

Bakeries are my favorite places! I love visiting them and hanging out in them and working in them and eating all the delicious things they create. This little bakery doesn’t have shelves & shelves of offerings, but what they do sell is delicious~ This whole street is filled with cute little restaurants & a few…… Continue reading 스프링베이커리 | Spring Bakery