Yeonnam [연남]

Vanilla Kitchen | 바닐라 키친

As cake is more or less my favorite food, it is always my first choice when I’m in the mood to celebrate something. So of course I had to go eat cake to celebrate passing my latest Korean course~ It’s hard to walk through Yeonnam-dong without stopping at all the cute little cafes & restaurants.…… Continue reading Vanilla Kitchen | 바닐라 키친

Hongdae [홍대]

I Am A Burger | 아이엠어버거

Hamburgers! The quintessential American food. For some reason it can be difficult to find a good burger in this city, but I Am A Burger does things right without costing your whole paycheck (still kinda pricey though). This is the burger I always crave when I’m hungover, and luckily they deliver through various delivery apps~…… Continue reading I Am A Burger | 아이엠어버거

Hongdae [홍대]

엘리펀트비트 | Elephant Bit

Eclairs are long tube desserts, elephants have long tube trunks… that’s the connection right? Either way, I love cute names & specialty desserts. But I do prefer my desserts to be at least as tasty as they are beautiful, and these eclairs only look impressive. Along one of the main roads from Hongik Uni. is…… Continue reading 엘리펀트비트 | Elephant Bit