Yeonnam [연남]

감나무집 기사식당 | Gam Namu Jib

Late at night, and you’re just wanting to eat some simple Korean food? Enter the driver’s restaurant (기사 식당/gisa sikdang). These are 24 hour, cheap, fast restaurants that cater to cab drivers but are open to all. The one near me is a little bit of a walk if it’s already 11pm and cold…but it’s…… Continue reading 감나무집 기사식당 | Gam Namu Jib

Hongdae [홍대]

탑퓨전 포차 | Top Fusion Pocha

Okay so this place is technically a pocha/Korean drinking spot…but they’re open at lunch time and they serve pasta for ₩3,000. Their sign called it a sale, but it’s been going on for months and they appeared on some TV program, so I think it’s just become part of their thing. Roommate discovered this place…… Continue reading 탑퓨전 포차 | Top Fusion Pocha

Hongdae [홍대]

가정식밥집 미미 | Homemeal Mimi [Closed]

[Update Dec. 2017: Mimi closed :( Their instagram is still active & they might open a new place in the future.] I love eating home-cooked meals, but I am a mess and cannot organize a meal with more than one dish. Especially Korean style meals with 3+ side dishes and soups and whatnot. This is…… Continue reading 가정식밥집 미미 | Homemeal Mimi [Closed]

Yeongdeungpo [영등포구]

Bob’s Bread | 밥 아저씨 빵

I love bread. Real bread. Flour, water, yeast, salt. I could eat an entire loaf of crusty, artisan bread in one sitting. This kind of bread is difficult to find in Korea, but luckily there is a place that makes real authentic sourdough! I heard about Bob’s Bread and knew I needed to go try…… Continue reading Bob’s Bread | 밥 아저씨 빵

Sangsu [상수]

도교빙수 | Tokyo Bingsu

Bingsu is basically shaved ice’s cooler cousin. It’s soft and sweet and the flavors/toppings range from fruity to chocolatey to the traditional red bean. While plenty of cafes (including many of the big chains) offer their take, Tokyo Bingsu is dedicated to both the bingsu and the lovely atmosphere~ There’s actually a whole bunch of…… Continue reading 도교빙수 | Tokyo Bingsu

Yeonnam [연남]

양갱식당 | Yang-gaeng Sikdang

Simple, cheap Korean homestyle meals. They’ve got a daily special, so you can come often and still have variety. Eat alone without it being weird! Yang-gaeng is located on a fairly big road, but the place is small and easy to miss if you aren’t looking out for it. Don’t get distracted by the bigger…… Continue reading 양갱식당 | Yang-gaeng Sikdang