Hongdae [홍대]

도기락집 미미 | Dosirak Mimi

Remember Homemeal Mimi? It closed shortly after I got around to posting about it… Well, they are back with season 2: Dosirak Mimi! The new location is on a not-too-crowded street, up on the 1st floor! The space is small: just 6 seats, but doesn’t feel too cramped. You can save ₩2,000 by getting your…… Continue reading 도기락집 미미 | Dosirak Mimi

Yeonnam [연남]

Flapjack Pantry | 플랩잭팬트리

This is it. I have discovered my favorite neighborhood brunch place. Already counting down the days till I can return~ The thing about brunch in Seoul, is it’s either straight up American-style breakfast or french toast with a side salad. Which isn’t bad, (I do love all my french-toast-and-salad cafes) but sometimes every weekend I…… Continue reading Flapjack Pantry | 플랩잭팬트리