Seongsu [성수]

타코집 델리차우 | Taco House Deli Ciao

Mexican food seems to be fairly popular in Seoul and it’s not too difficult to find tacos, even outside of the foreigner neighborhoods. Roommate and I just happened to walk by this little Mexican place and knew what we’d be having for dinner. If we hadn’t seen the word Taco on the sign out front,…… Continue reading 타코집 델리차우 | Taco House Deli Ciao

Yeonnam [연남]

Veranda Cupcake | 베란다컵케익

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? And what’s better than bringing friends along so you can eat multiple cupcakes? Although the cupcake trend doesn’t seem that big in Seoul, maybe if more people tried Veranda Cupcake, they’d see what they’re missing out on. There are so many little cafes and shops nestled along these streets…… Continue reading Veranda Cupcake | 베란다컵케익

Hongdae [홍대]

Old Croissant Factory | 올드크로와상팩토리

Croissants. Chocolate croissants. Cheese croissants. Sausage croissants. They make croissants here; and when they sell out, they close up shop. Since the shop opens at 1pm, people who have to work late might have a hard time getting their hands on a croissant from here. There wasn’t too much of a line when Roommate &…… Continue reading Old Croissant Factory | 올드크로와상팩토리