Yeonnam [연남]

Flapjack Pantry | 플랩잭팬트리

This is it. I have discovered my favorite neighborhood brunch place. Already counting down the days till I can return~ The thing about brunch in Seoul, is it’s either straight up American-style breakfast or french toast with a side salad. Which isn’t bad, (I do love all my french-toast-and-salad cafes) but sometimes every weekend I…… Continue reading Flapjack Pantry | 플랩잭팬트리

Yeonnam [연남]

Tailor Coffee | 테일러커피

The quintessential coffee shop! Good coffee & nice atmosphere. A perfect spot for a first date, chatting with friends, or relaxing alone on a Saturday afternoon. Tailor Coffee is pretty well known among people in Seoul who visit cafes and/or care about coffee, especially those of us on the western side of town. They’ve got…… Continue reading Tailor Coffee | 테일러커피

Daehangno [대학로]

카페 사흘 | Cafe Saheul (3 Days)

I really need to make some more brunch friends. Not that I really mind going out to eat brunch alone, but more people would mean getting to try more dishes~ Which would make going to cafes like this one even better. Cafe Saheul is located in the Daehak-ro area, a little ways from the busy…… Continue reading 카페 사흘 | Cafe Saheul (3 Days)