Yeonnam [연남]

Veranda Cupcake | 베란다컵케익

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? And what’s better than bringing friends along so you can eat multiple cupcakes? Although the cupcake trend doesn’t seem that big in Seoul, maybe if more people tried Veranda Cupcake, they’d see what they’re missing out on. There are so many little cafes and shops nestled along these streets…… Continue reading Veranda Cupcake | 베란다컵케익

Hongdae [홍대] · Yeonnam [연남]

빵콤마 | Bread Comma

This cafe is hard to miss if you walk along Yeonnam park, just outside Hongdae Station exit 3. I’ve seen various events happening here and in the upstairs section (which I recently learned is a different business?), and it almost always seems full of people chatting and studying. There had never been open tables on…… Continue reading 빵콤마 | Bread Comma

Hongdae [홍대] · Yeonnam [연남]

곰발커피 | Gombal Coffee

I had been here once a while back when my friend tried to help me register with Daum’s online cafe (what a nightmare that was). I don’t know why I’ve always chosen a different cafe over this one… because it turns out Gombal has the best mint hot chocolate and I will definitely be spending…… Continue reading 곰발커피 | Gombal Coffee

Hongdae [홍대] · Yeonnam [연남]

백년커피 | 100 Year Coffee

I had actually walked by this place lots of times without paying attention to it, which is surprising because even just looking at it from the street you can see it’s super cool. As a person who doesn’t drink coffee beyond mochas, I don’t know anything about roasting or bean sources or whatever. If you…… Continue reading 백년커피 | 100 Year Coffee