Gangnam [강남]

Brown Hands | 브라운핸즈

A furniture company with a cafe that doubles as a showroom? And is just the right aesthetic for instagramming, studying, or meeting up with friends of all ages? Genius.


I visited Brown Hand’s Busan location last summer and was so excited to find out they have a cafe in Seoul cafe too! Unfortunately, it is very very far from me…hence why it took over 6 months to check it out.

JPEG image-DCF4F276C8E2-1

Also! They call it the “Dogok” location (that’s the neighborhood) but it is not next to the Dogok subway station. It’s one stop away at Maebong Station.

1st Floor

The building is kinda old run-down factory style, and looks very cool with all the mixed & matched furniture. There’s 2 floors with plenty of seating and enough outlets that it’s also a good place for studying/working with a laptop. There’s also an outdoor terrace, that looks like it’d be lovely when the weather’s warmer!

2nd  Floor

I came on a weekday afternoon and most of the customers were closer to middle-aged than university student. There were even a few children! This area seems a lot more chill than the university neighborhoods.




Brown Hands isn’t a cheap place, but I remind myself that I’m paying for the atmosphere just as much as the coffee…


Oh, and if you’re a Korean drama fan, apparently 응답해라 1988 (Reply 1988) shot a scene here. So if you like recreating cafe scenes, you can come drink the Vienna coffee here!


When I was in Busan, I’d had the iced vanilla bean latte, so this time I ordered the hot version. I also got carrot cake because I was having a good day~

Vanilla Bean Latte ₩6,800

The latte was nice! Whatever vanilla stuff they use cut some of the bitterness without erasing the coffee flavour (although I’m realizing I kinda prefer all my coffee iced).

Carrot Cake ₩7,000

My first bite of the carrot cake was a tiny bit dry, but after that I didn’t really notice it? The icing was delicious, you can see the little pieces of carrot, and the spice balance was lovely. All things I want in a carrot cake.


Brown Hands sells coffee beans (from Coffee Libre roasters) and some of their own branded stuff like eco-bags, mugs, and the metal trays like the ones they serve your order on.

And remember, they also make furniture! Though, like the cafe menu, it ain’t cheap. A table like the one I sat at (this one) can be yours for ₩1,400,000. In addition to the Dogok cafe, there are also “design cafes” in Busan and Masan. I think it’s definitely worth checking out a Brown Hands cafe if you’re nearby!


  • Hours: 8am – 11:20pm (the 2nd floor closes at 10:20pm)
  • Contact: 02-572-0332 | Website
  • Location: 458 Dogok 2-dong Gangnam-gu | 서울 강남구 도곡2동 458

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