Yeonnam [연남]


A little coffee shop that in the perfect spot for taking a break after walking through the park.

JPEG image-11F861A61F83-9

A short walk away from the Gyeongi Line park (or whatever it’s official name is…) is 별빛카페달빛차 or Starlight Cafe Moonlight Tea.

JPEG image-11F861A61F83-5

JPEG image-11F861A61F83-7

The space is pretty small but feels just as cozy as working at my desk at home~

JPEG image-11F861A61F83-6

They have a shelf full of books to read, a nice playlist filled with Korean indie, and never seem to be too crowded.

JPEG image-11F861A61F83-8


The menu is only written in Korean, but they have all the usual drinks. And the baristas are all very nice~

JPEG image-11F861A61F83-2
Cafe Mocha ₩4,500

I ordered a mocha on my most recent visit because it was freezing outside. They do make a really good lemonade as well, though!

I frequently visit this area, so this cafe is a nice quiet place to hang out and do some studying or chat with a friend!

  • Hours: 8am – 10pm
  • Contact: 02-336-0349
  • Location: 509-13 Yeonnam-dong Mapo-gu | 서울 마포구 연남동 509-13

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