Hongdae [홍대]

One Bite | 원바잇

Another weekend, another brunch cafe~! The Hongdae/Yeonnam area is full of well-known cafes, but this one always came up when I was searching for brunch spots and seemed to be a favorite.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-37

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-35

One Bite is located a short walk from Hongdae Station, in a lovely building that’s pretty easy to find.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-34

When the weather’s warmer, this courtyard area is probably great!

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-20

There are 3 floors to this building: One Bite on the 1st floor, event space Studio Garden on the 2nd, and catering/styling/cooking class service JNParty in the basement.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-21
Entrance on the right

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-13

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-19
Free charging station~

Since this is a popular place, you should check to see if there’s an open table before ordering at the counter~

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-12
Menu item names are also in English~

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-39

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-40

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-38

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-17

The menu has some variety and dishes that aren’t offered at all the other brunch cafes!

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-22

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-26
Aesthetic: A+ Temperature: D

We got a table up on the 2nd floor (there’s seating up there when no parties are happening) and while it was a nice atmosphere, it was also very chilly.

We ordered downstairs and were told our food would take about 20 min, so our drinks came out first: mint mocha for me & an Americano for Boyfriend.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-25
Mint Mocha ₩5,500

Not everywhere does mint mochas, so I appreciate the places that do. This one was pretty standard.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-29
Crispy Creamy Mac & Cheese Roll ₩13,500
JPEG image-C00723776BE3-27
Original French Toast ₩13,800

I love mac & cheese, so we had to try the Mac & Cheese Roll. We also ordered the Original French Toast because this was brunch.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-31

The French toast was soft and gooey, which isn’t everyone’s style, and tasted delicious! They must use good bread. It comes with syrup & jam, and is topped with caramelized bananas & some toasted oat bits. I’m not usually a banana person but these added a nice flavor to the French toast.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-30

The mac and cheese was good, but I didn’t love it as much as I wanted to. It had some peppers (jalapeno?), bacon bits, and a hotdog/sausage, but I wish there was more cheese sauce. The tortilla also seemed unnecessary… I know it’s a “roll” but I think a side baguette would’ve been better. Boyfriend wasn’t that into the tortilla thing either and thought the French Toast was the better choice. The side salad (w/ a citrus dressing) & french fries were great, though! I’d definitely eat this dish again, just maybe not order it.

One Bite is a good spot when you want to treat yourself or enjoy brunch with friends. Maybe there’s a calmer atmosphere if you come during the week or at non-peak times, but on weekends you can probably expect lots of other people.

  • Hours: 9am – 11pm
  • Contact: 02-735-0263 | Instagram
  • Location: 204-29 Donggyo-dong Mapo-gu | 서울 마포구 동교동 204-29

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