Sinsa [신사]

식물학 | Sikmulhak

Chose this cafe specifically because the name means botany. I expected plants and was not disappointed~

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-1

This was the first time I came to Sinsa! I saw this cafe on instagram and put it on my list, but didn’t actually make plans to visit until I had to come down this way to meet some friends.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-2

The cafe was a quick walk from the subway station and I had an easy time finding it, even in the dark.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-8
The edge of the waiting list is down on the right

There’s a kind of entry hallway area with some branded stuff for sale and, in true popular cafe fashion, Sikmulhak has a waiting list.


The tables in the main area are mostly big ones good for sharing. There are some smaller tables in the back and counter seating along the window near the entrance. I came on a Monday evening and there were still quite a few other customers.

There are plants everywhere, going with the botany theme, but it still feels pretty minimalist overall. I feel like this cafe was designed for me~

Also the bathrooms! The doors are giant mirrors, not regular hinged doors…there was a sign instructing customers on how to pull it open and another inside reminding you to lock both sides. The women’s bathroom also had 5 different types of soap, which was neat.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-5
Baked goods!

I wasn’t able to get a good photo of the menu, but it’s all pretty standard option~ Also, unlike most cafes, they don’t give a buzzer for your order. You give your name and they call you when it’s ready. Luckily my name is easy, but maybe be prepared with a nickname if yours is likely to get butchered.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-11

I ordered a vanilla latte & lemon pound cake.

Vanilla Latte ₩5,000

Usually I wouldn’t drink coffee this late, but I knew I needed the energy to be social until the last subway train! The coffee was great. Not too bitter and could taste the vanilla flavor.

JPEG image-C00723776BE3-10
Lemon Pound Cake ₩5,500

The pound cake was also delicious! Lemon pound cake is my one of my favorites, and this one actually had a real lemon flavor throughout the whole cake (not just in the icing). It was also a pretty thick slice.

I saw quite a few people studying or working on their computers, but it seemed noisier than other cafes. So not a good place if you want tranquil quiet. However, if you’re into the ambient cafe sound of chatter & espresso machine noise, Sikmulhak is perfect.

  • Hours: 10am – 10pm
  • Contact: 070-4118-4010 | Instagram
  • Location: 516-16 Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu | 서울 강남구 신사동 516-16

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