Downtown [광화문/시청]

가미 | Gami

Nothing beats sitting down to a warm meal after freezing outside in Seoul’s winter~ And, since I’m kind of a picky eater, it’s even better when that meal is one of my favorite dishes!

A couple months ago (yes, this is another delayed posting) Boyfriend was involved in this project that involved painting storm drains around the city. If you were in Seoul, you might’ve seen them!


I don’t remember what the point was, but I got some swag from the Department of the Environment for uploading photos on facebook~


Anyway, Gami is right across from some storm drains that were being painted, and after standing around in the cold and cleaning up all the supplies, we decided we needed food before journeying back home.


The menu is pretty basic Japanese dishes: ramen, donburi, & donkatsu. I know donkatsu isn’t Korean food, but it’s always the first thing I think of when people ask me what my favorite food in Korea is…

Donkatsu ₩8,000


I ordered the regular donkatsu and Boyfriend got the curry donkatsu. Sometimes places say their stuff is “suje” (수제) or homemade, but you can’t taste any difference. Gami must have a pretty good recipe though because I thought it was better than my usual donkatsu restaurant. Also places that serve the purple rice instead of plain old white rice get extra points in my book~




The building across the street is the theater (the Sejong Center?), and we must’ve sat down right before a show ended because 5min later the place was packed. I like the small cozy atmosphere, but be warned that it fills up quickly!

  • Hours: ??
  • Contact: ??
  • Location: (Maybe not exact) 148-3 Doryeom-dong Jongno-gu | 서울 종로구 돌염동 148-3

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