Sangsu [상수]

도교빙수 | Tokyo Bingsu

Bingsu is basically shaved ice’s cooler cousin. It’s soft and sweet and the flavors/toppings range from fruity to chocolatey to the traditional red bean. While plenty of cafes (including many of the big chains) offer their take, Tokyo Bingsu is dedicated to both the bingsu and the lovely atmosphere~

IMG_3889There’s actually a whole bunch of locations, so although I’ve only seen two, I assume they all share the same aesthetic: bright and lovely and filled with couples.



I’m also not exactly sure what the difference is between Japanese & Korean style bingsu…for what it’s worth, this is Japanese style.


Bingsu wasn’t actually in our original plan, but we were tired of wandering and I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to see the fuss about Tokyo Bingsu. We got a table by the windows (people-watching!) and soon after we ordered, the place completely filled up.


The only flavor I wasn’t down with was tomato. I think that’s actually kind of like their signature…only Tokyo Bingsu does tomato. We narrowed it down to grapefruit, grape, or peach (a seasonal flavor) and Boyfriend chose peach~

IMG_3894 (1)
Peach Bingsu ₩11,000

So. The only time in my life when I have eaten a peach raw was when I was 15 and a lady at a farmstand gave me one and I, bound by Southern politeness, ate it. I’ve eaten them in cobblers maybe 3 times. In theory, I like peaches & associate them with the South and whatnot, but they never actually make the list of fruits I like.


Anyway, this peach bingsu was amazing! If given the option I usually go for strawberry (a winter menu item in Korea), but I’m so pleased we got to try this one. It was the perfect amount of sweetness and made me feel like I was tasting peaches for the first time~


Tokyo Bingsu manages to be both delicious and lovely. The price is also good, since it’s assumed you’ll be sharing :) Apparently they do take-out as well, but I’ve yet to see anyone walking down the street with their bingsu…

For the Sangsu location:

  • Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm | Mondays open at 3pm
  • Contact: 02-322-0321 | Instagram
  • Location: 310-20 Sangsu-dong Mapo-gu | 서울특별시 마포구 상수동 310-20

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.15.35 PM


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