Seocho [서초구]

Low Slow | 로우슬로우

Sometimes I actually leave my area and explore other parts of Seoul! I saw photos of this cafe online and since I had some reasons to come to this area anyway, I decided to stop by one afternoon to check it out.


Low Slow is a short walk from exit 11 of Sadang Station, and my worries about finding it turned out to be completely unnecessary because they have a big sign easily seen from the road.


The inside was a tad smaller than what I was expecting, but there are actually a good number of tables and it feels very spacious. Most of the tables are smaller, and it seems like mostly couples or pairs of friends come here.


Sorry about the glare;;

Their menu has a bunch of special drinks, and I think next time I’d try one of those instead of my usual choices. Cafe mochas weren’t on the menu, so I ordered an iced lemon tea.

Iced Lemon Tea ₩5,500

I think it was made with rosemary? There was some unique flavor in it that I couldn’t quite place, but it was very good! Lemon tea is really the only kind of tea I drink, and it’s cool tasting all the different ways people make it~

There were also a few cake slices next to the counter, but I was waiting to meet a friend for dinner and didn’t want to eat a whole slice by myself. (We ended up going to a pasta place, because pasta is girl food here hahaha)



When I arrived there were only a couple other people, but about an hour later the place was pretty full. A cafe full of chattering people isn’t distracting to me, but this maybe isn’t the best place to study for people sensitive to noise. I also didn’t see many power outlets & my computer died after all the other tables were taken, so I don’t think of Low Slow as a study spot. However, the aesthetic was my style of semi-minimalist with lots of plants, so I did enjoy hanging out here!


When my friend showed up, he kept asking how I knew about this place because even though it’s popular, it’s not like a lot of foreigners are coming to Sadang to visit it. But I think he is just impressed whenever I figure out something on my own…

I can see why it’s popular, though! Low Slow is a nice space to spend an afternoon~

  • Hours: Weekdays 11am – 11pm | Weekends 12pm- 11pm
  • Contact: 02-522-5740
  • Location: 451-24 Bangbae-dong Seocho-gu | 서울 서초구 방배동 451-24 2층

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 6.19.18 PM.png


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