Ilsan [일산]

Barnana | 빠나나

If I didn’t know the owner of this place, I can’t imagine being convinced to travel all the way out to Goyang/Ilsan (about an hour on the subway) for it… but now having been, I’d say it was worth it! If only I had more free days to spend at brunch & wandering around this mall.


A fellow dance friend and I decided we’d make the journey out here one weekend and the trip honestly wasn’t that bad. We planned to arrive around noon, which meant I had to wake up earlier than I wanted to for a Sunday, but at least the train wasn’t crowded.

Follow this path
The red arrow is Barnana…the dot is where we were

The Bella Citta mall, where Barnana is located, was easy to find from the subway station, but we ended up wandering all around the outside area before actually finding Barnana. It’s off in a kind of side alley, not the main garden! It started pouring rain shortly after we finished eating, so it turned out to be a good thing that we saw everything beforehand. It’s a really nice mall, though! Next time I will have to come prepared to shop~

The guy with the hat is the owner~


The menu is divided into sandwiches, specials (including group platters & chips w/ guacamole), and izakaya (aka Japanese pub food).  I ordered the egg & bacon sandwich and my friend got the beef steak sandwich. And since we came all that way, we decided we might as well try the guacamole too. We also got orange juice, which was probably the freshest squeezed juice I’ve ever had. They literally went over to the juicer right after we ordered.

Egg & Bacon Sandwich ₩8,800 & Orange Juice ₩4,000
Beef Steak Sandwich ₩11,800
Nacho & Fry Guacamole ₩11,000

Barnana makes their own ciabatta bread, which as a former bread baker, I appreciated. It was so wonderful, I actually considered buying some to take home (they sell their bread, I wasn’t being weird). The guacamole was also probably the best I’ve had in Korea so far, which was surprising since this isn’t a Mexican place.

Really, all our food was so great~! I wish this place were closer or I had more of a reason to be in the area because I would eat there so often. There were some customers who came in just for coffee/cafe drinks, but it really is worth it to have a meal here!

  • Hours: 11am – 12am | Mondays 11am – 5pm
  • Contact: 031-849-5716 | Facebook
  • Location: (Bella Citta) 1237 Baekseok-dong Ilsandong-gu Goyang-si Gyeonggido | 경기도 고양시 일산동구 백석동 1237
Ignore the ‘A’
Follow the red arrow! Barnana is #117

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