Yeonnam [연남]


I haven’t been to many new cafes recently due to school stress & moving, but one of my roommates kept telling me to go to this new(ish) bagel place, and one evening he managed to convince our house to go together. I’m honestly not sure how the name is meant to be pronounced, but we just refer to it as “that bagel place.”


I’d never seen BagelMTL before, as I don’t usually wander around the back end of Yeonnam-dong, but the giant bagel sign makes it pretty hard to miss.


The inside is much fancier than I was expecting for a bagel place, and the tables seem kind of oddly set-up… That’s not a dealbreaker, though. We sat at the window and it was nice getting to people watch while we ate.



This is a Montreal, Canada style bagel shop. I don’t actually know much about the difference, but I think the bagels we used to eat at college were Montreal style. I have no preference and my love of bagels extends to bagel sandwiches. I will even overlook the fact that these are all open-faced sandwiches (aka the worst kind of sandwich). But I would like to go back and try a simple bagel with cream cheese sometime.

They have a lot of different drink options as well, ranging from various beers & wines to unique Italian sodas and coffees.

BLT ₩8,000

I got the BLT and it was delicious, even if eating a sandwich with cutlery feels kinda weird. Anyway, I would definitely order it again and my parents would be so happy to learn I eat raw tomatoes on the regular now. I do prefer my bacon to be less floppy, but I’ve grown used to not-crunchy bacon in Korea.

Roommate 1 ordered the salsa chicken one, which I didn’t get a photo of but she said tasted great!

BEA ₩8,000

Roommate 2 had a BEA, which is bacon, egg, and… we still aren’t sure what the A stands for (there didn’t seem to be any avocado, so I suggested it’s for arugula, but who knows).

I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to visit BagelMTL, but I’m glad to have this simple, healthy cafe in a neighborhood I frequent. And I will definitely be trying out their cream cheese options in the near future!

  • Hours: 9am – 10pm | Closed Tuesdays
  • Contact: 02-322-9288 | Facebook
  • Location: 223-21 Yeonnam-dong Mapo-gu | 서울 마포구 연남동 223-21

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 8.46.17 PM.png


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