Yeouido [여의도]

엘리스파이 | Elie’s Pie

Another very late post… I saw Elie’s Pie while searching for dessert places on Dining Code and seeing as I could eat my weight in egg tarts, I knew I had to visit~ (And really, where could you go wrong with pie?)

The outside reminds me of a bakery I used to go to as a kid

There are multiple locations (a fact I learned from the to-go box), but I visited the one in Yeouido because I hadn’t been to that area before. The place was a short walk from the subway and pretty easy to find.The address is for a kind of strip mall place, so look for the green Elie’s Pie sign!

Then I ended up getting lost trying to find the bus stop I needed and explored more. It was a nice walk and had a different feel from where I usually am.




The place was bigger than I was expecting. There are some tables if you want to eat in, and so many desserts to choose from! They do offer more than just pie/tarts, if you happen to come with someone who isn’t a pie lover.

The tarts/mini pies range in price from ₩2,000 – 3,500 and they have all different sizes of sets/gift boxes for both the mini pies and regular pie slices.

My choices: egg, yogurt egg, raspberry, chocolate

Originally, I only ordered 3 of the little tarts to-go, but then the worker guy told me that if I got 4, he could put them in a to-go box. He recommended the egg & yogurt one (I asked because I had too many options) and it ended up being my favorite~

I am known to have a sweet tooth and even I only ate half a mini pie at once. They weren’t overpoweringly sweet, but I definitely didn’t feel the need to add whipped cream or ice cream or any extra sugar. The flavors were all good, but the egg yogurt one was my number 1! Followed by the regular egg tart, then chocolate, and finally raspberry.


I’d recommend Elie’s Pie to anyone looking for a small dessert, or for those times when you want to eat pie but don’t want a single flavor. Personally, I’d love to show up to a meeting and see a whole selection of these little tarts~

  • Hours: Weekday 10-8pm | Weekend 10:30-8:30pm
  • Contact: 02-784-8243
  • Location: 43-3 Yeouido-dong Yeongdeungpo-gu | 서울특별시 영등포구 여의도동 43-3


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