Daehangno [대학로]

팬케이크 이야기 | Pancake Story

Ages ago I went over to check out the Daehakno/대학로 area because we read about it in class & I should explore this city more. This was during a time when I was missing pancakes a lot, which is how I ended up at this little place called Pancake Story.img_2134

It was a fairly easy walk from the subway station, and the place itself is easy to spot. Other than me, there was one other single person eating (she even moved to a better table once the other customers left), so if you are someone who feels awkward when surrounded by couples or groups of friends… this is probably not a good place to come.

There are tables out here, but it seems more like a waiting room…



It’s a cafe, not just brunch, so the menu has some other options, but the brunch plates & pancakes are definitely the highlight of the menu~

Brunch Set A

The brunch sets are ₩9-14,000 and the pancakes start around ₩10,000. I ordered Brunch Set A (₩9,000) and everything was really really good! The pancakes are the flat kind, not the super fat ones I commonly see in Korea, and the bacon strips & hashbrown are the perfect amount of greasy. Plus they had a poster up saying they only use whipped cream made with real cream (included on almost all the pancake plates) and they add lemon to their water (something so common in America that I never thought I’d miss).

I’ve since tried to get others to go back with me so I can try the bigger pancake plates, but none of my friends live over that way or have time for cafe hopping far from home :(

Someday I’ll make it back!

  • Hours: Weekday 10:30am – 10:30pm | Weekend 10am – 11pm
  • Contact: 02-765-5777
  • Location: 129 Myeongnyun 4ga Jongno-gu | 서울 종로구 명륜4가 129



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