Wolgok [월곡]

카페별꼴 | Cafe Byul Kkol

This is my favorite cafe & the only infoshop/zine library I know of in Seoul! They are explicitly wheelchair-accessible and LGBTQ+ friendly. My only wish is that I lived closer~


[Update 03/2018: This entire building was renovated a while ago, so while the location remains the same, the cafe looks totally different now! It’s smaller and has more of a clean, minimalist style. I still recommend it~]

I found Byul Kkol through the good old Slingshot Organizer’s Radical Contact List. Whenever I have no other plans, I make the ~45min journey to Wolgok subway station and spend a couple hours here. Although the directions are pretty simple, it can be easy to miss the place if you aren’t looking out for it!


Iced Cafe Mocha ₩5,500
Hot Chocolate ₩5…will remember next winter when I order it again…

Their menu is fairly short and 95% drinks. Whatever chocolate they use for their mochas & hot cocoa is delicious~ I haven’t tried any of the snacks, but they seem to just randomly make various food stuffs (brownies are actually on the menu, but I see other stuff get posted on Facebook).


If you’ve spent any time in Seoul, you’ve probably noticed it is not at all wheelchair-friendly. This cafe makes an actual effort to be accessible to wheelchair users by 1) not having steps anywhere 2) arranging the furniture in a way where people can actually get to the tables and 3) having handrails in the bathroom. Another thing I want to highlight is the bathroom is gender-neutral. A lot of bathrooms in Seoul cafes/restaurants are singles and automatically gender-neutral. But Byul Kkol has a little sign specifically identifying theirs as an “all-gender restroom” which is nice.


And it’s not just a cafe! Byul Kkol is an infoshop too! They have quite a collection of zines & books to read, as well as a section of books for sale. They also occasionally host workshops & other events. The rotating wall art is always from a local artist.

Support your local activists! :)

  • Hours: Tue-Sat 1pm-9pm
  • Location: 27-130 Hawolgok-dong, Seongbuk-gu | 서울특별시 성북구 하월곡동 27-130
  • Contact: 02-6013-4155 | Website (the “we’re moving” message is old news)

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 6.16.03 PM.png


2 thoughts on “카페별꼴 | Cafe Byul Kkol

  1. I have visited there several times and the cafe is managed by handicapped people or activists. What is infoshop? Is it a shop which is supported by radical activists? I’m Korean living in seoul and I can provide informations about great cafe and infoshop, restaurants etc. Please contact me.


    1. Hi~! Yes, an infoshop is a place like a bookstore or library for activists. I wasn’t able to update this blog for a while, but I am still in Seoul and love getting recommendations for places to go! :)


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