Seongsu [성수]

타코집 델리차우 | Taco House Deli Ciao

Mexican food seems to be fairly popular in Seoul and it’s not too difficult to find tacos, even outside of the foreigner neighborhoods. Roommate and I just happened to walk by this little Mexican place and knew what we’d be having for dinner. If we hadn’t seen the word Taco on the sign out front,…… Continue reading 타코집 델리차우 | Taco House Deli Ciao

Yeonnam [연남]

Vanilla Kitchen | 바닐라 키친

As cake is more or less my favorite food, it is always my first choice when I’m in the mood to celebrate something. So of course I had to go eat cake to celebrate passing my latest Korean course~ It’s hard to walk through Yeonnam-dong without stopping at all the cute little cafes & restaurants.…… Continue reading Vanilla Kitchen | 바닐라 키친

Yeongdeungpo [영등포구]

Bob’s Bread | 밥 아저씨 빵

I love bread. Real bread. Flour, water, yeast, salt. I could eat an entire loaf of crusty, artisan bread in one sitting. This kind of bread is difficult to find in Korea, but luckily there is a place that makes real authentic sourdough! I heard about Bob’s Bread and knew I needed to go try…… Continue reading Bob’s Bread | 밥 아저씨 빵